Find it Hard to Lose Weight?

Love the Taste of Certain Foods?

Want to Stop Obsessing Over Your Diet & Eating?

Eat When You're Stressed, Anxious or Fed-Up?

If  Any of This Sounds Familiar - Then Right Here is Where Your Weight Loss Gets a Whole Lot Easier.

How many times have you tried to diet only to find something or someone comes along and stops your good intentions? I know exactly what you need to do to stick with your weight loss plans & from today I'm here to help you.

When You Can Stop The Psychological or Emotional Reasons for Your Overeating - You Will Lose Weight.


I've been helping 1000's of people all over the world successfully lose weight for years. I know that to properly lose weight you have to alter both not only WHAT you overeat, but importantly WHY you overeat and what you use food for in the first place.


After signing up you'll immediately receive the first weekly download of your specially designed psychological weight loss online programme. Each of the 4 downloads is going to help you explore aspects of your life which lead to your overeating. Exclusive real time videos to help you throughout are included.


Join the Dr. Jane Diet once for £19.99 and that's genuinely it. No Subscriptions, No Upgrades, No Hassle. Your membership is for as long as you need it. If you're serious about losing weight I'm here to help you achieve it.

If You Want to Lose Weight - Here's How You Will Achieve It

Everything You Need is Here in One Supportive Package. And Remember You'll Only Ever Pay £19.99 Once.

28 Day Online Course - You'll to stop any emotional or psychological overeating and gain a new healthy relationship with food and eating.

Exclusive Videos - To help you throughout, you'll receive access to support you along the way.

Individual Meal Plans - 6 Full weeks of fantastic meal suggestions. Where everything's covered for you.  Full 6 weeks vegi plan too.

Delicious Recipes - 100's of tasty practical recipes specially developed for your diet.  Devised for everyone to enjoy, so no more preparing separate meals.

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