The Dr. Jane Diet Works Because You WILL Finally Stop All The Emotional & Psychological Reasons For Your Overeating & Weight Problems.

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You may think your weight gain is just about a lack of will power or greed, believe me - it isn't.  You have to consider how you feel about yourself and how others make you feel about yourself.  Your anxieties, stress levels, moods, self-esteem all affect your eating and your weight. 

You might be genuinely hungry for something in your life, but it isn't always going to be food.

Give yourself the chance to understand all the things in your life that affect your eating and you will be in the best position ever to lose weight for good once and for all.


A Little Bit About Dr. Jane McCartney

I have been a weight loss, diet and obesity expert psychologist on many TV shows, I am a regular resident expert on ITV’s This Morning and regularly appear on the BBC, C’s 4 & 5 and Sky News.  In 2014 my book Stopovereating: The 28 Day Plan to End Emotional Eating For Good was published and soon reached number one on the Amazon best sellers chart and is also published internationally. I regularly write and contributed to many articles for TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Full bio here.


I began to specialise in psychological obesity and weight management some years ago from both the personal and professional perspective. I know what’s really needed for successful weight loss, because I’ve done it myself – take a look at these photos . I’ve tried and struggled with various diets. It was only when I began to apply psychological understanding that I properly lost weight for the first time – and have kept it off – five stones in all.

I am a fully registered, accredited and licensed Consultant Chartered Psychologist which means I have done many years of professional accredited psychological training. I separately hold Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from leading UK universities. I am a fully registered Licensed & Registered Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), where I am also an Associate Fellow.

 About Dr. Jane