How You Can Lose Weight

‘Over and over I'd start a new diet and at first I’d be doing really well. Then something or other would happen in my life and all my good intentions would disappear. I always seem to turn to food to cope and I want it to stop ruining my weight.’

Sound familiar? Perhaps like lots of people you're someone who's developed a relationship with food and eating which is diet damaging.  Do you overeat because of stress and boredom or you seek comfort from food? Maybe you just find some foods hard to resist.

Well the great news is from today you can do something about it.  Because if you can really understand the psychological reasons you overeat - you WILL be able to stop them.  Believe me it's not just a lack of will power or greed which makes people overeat. 

I've been helping 1000's of people all over the world successfully lose weight for years. I know that to properly lose weight you have to alter both not only WHAT you overeat, but importantly WHY you overeat and what you use food for in the first place.  I'll help you unravel your relationship with food and I'll give you the tools and strategies to change your eating habits and diet successfully.


I Know What To Do Because - As You Can See Above - I've Done It Myself.


I've developed a straightforward, easy to follow and effective short online course which is going to be like you having your very own one-to-one sessions.  Really understand everything that happens with you food and overeating and you'll be able to stop it and lose the weight you want to.   

Your course will be delivered to you over 4 weeks and you can be losing weight right from the beginning.  Also to help I've made accompanying videos to guide you throughout - which you'll be signed up to for free.  

  • WEEK 1. Understanding the Emotional Chain of Events & Relationship Analysis.
    So you can start to lose weight right from the beginning you'll start by exploring what happens with you and food each time something upsets or frustrates you. You'll also begin an analysis of the relationships you have in your life which affect your eating and weight.

  • WEEK 2. Me and Food, What Happened? 
    Here you'll examine the history of your relationship with food including the diet damaging habits, addictions & preoccupations you may have.  Also you’ll challenge and stop any long held beliefs about you, food and eating.

  • WEEK 3. Keep Stopping 
    This week you'll gain more short-term and longer-term psychological techniques to stop your overeating now and in the future. You'll learn how to change your thoughts and behaviours about food and overeating.

  • WEEK 4. Keeping Going
    In your final week you'll take a look at some of the overlooked features which may interfere with your weight loss.  Like diet saboteurs, fear of missing out and what to do if you fall off the weight loss wagon.